I am Mobile Developer. I start developer as speaker. This page show you my prelections.

Security mobile applications

20th March 2018, Białystok

Nowadays you can see the growing trend of using smartphones in our daily lives. We have instant access to information or important documents, wherever we are. In this way, all important and sensitive information they are at your fingertips. We know mobile programmers need to remember about related issues with the security of our applications. During the presentation, I will tell you about the problems characteristic for Android and iOS platforms, thanks to which we will propose the most appropriate one strategy for securing our applications. I will also present the chosen strategies and actions, thanks to which we can protect our applications.

At the presentation, I will tell you, among other things:

  • Top 10 threats of mobile applications OWASP MOBILE Security.
  • Injection attacks, brute force, XXS, tapjacking.
  • Defense mechanisms in applications for the Android and iOS platforms.
  • Security for platform-independent applications.

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From dreams to dreams

How the Dreams Guide app was created

05th March 2018, Białystok

This presentation I tell about my application Dreams Guide. I will talk about the process of creating applications from A to Z and the problems that I had to overcome along the way.

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Introduction to the MVVM Cross

framework for the Xamarin platform.

21st February 2018, Białystok

In times of growing popularization of Xamarin technology, the solution to code sharing and choosing the right framework becomes extremely important. One of the interesting solution is MvvmCross. During the presentation, I tell you what MvvmCross is. I will show step by step how to integrate the given plugin with the project. What advantages and disadvantages does the solution have.

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Useful tools for prototyping mobile applications

20th February 2017, Białystok

My first lecture in the local programming group Mobile Białystok.  In lecture about useful tools for prototyping mobile applications.

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