Have you got a dream? Describe it.

Dreams Guide is an Android Mobile  application with save dreams like in a diary. It also allows you to mark the dream using symbols. Currentlly database has 393 dreams symbols.

You can find the dream you are dreaming about. Another function is to learn vocabulary. You can read description of each dream in database. Linking account to Facebook allows share feature.You have access to your dreams. At any time you can see what you dreamed of.

Link to Store Google this

Link to website mobile application this 

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Used library:

Backend Mobile Application :


Functionalities Mobile Application:

  • Login by email
  • Register user
  • Reset Password
  • Login by Facebook
  • Search symbol dream by name
  • If you choose dream you can read about
  • If you connect by Facebook you can share symbol dream
  • Add, edit and deleted dream
  • Collection dreams
  • Edit or delete Profile